DIY Pottery Barn Live Moss Letters

These creative outdoor decorations retail for $79 each! 
 With a few easy to find supplies you can make them yourself for much less.

First you need some hearty wooden letters.  I found these which are made especially for outdoor use.

They come in many fonts and are unpainted, making it easier to apply the moss.  
The 18 inch high letters (the PB ones range from 18-20") are $18.53 each.  The Georgia Bold and Century School Book fonts seem closest to the original.

Next you'll need some moss.  Bags of preserved moss are readily available in craft stores and floral supply shops.  Here's an example I found online for $4.49 a bag.
To attach the moss I suggest you try a good spray adhesive.  This is also available in most craft stores.  This one is online in an office supply store for $4.37 a can.
If you do multiple letters your cost per letter would be about $20.  That's an amazing savings, plus you get the bragging rights from have made them yourself!

I hope you give this project a try and tell us all about it in the comments!

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