The Real Deal for a Steal – Ebay

This is where I post ideas on how to get authentic Pottery Barn items for less than the retail price. As always, if you have any suggestions just leave a comment and I might turn it into a post!

My absolute favorite way to get Pottery Barn items for less is on Ebay, friend to bargain shoppers everywhere. Many PB items are “classics” and they carry them for years, perhaps with minor changes to the finish or color. These older items can be found on Ebay in spades and for a fraction of the original cost.

It is also easy to find PB lines of bedding and linens that have been discontinued. Be warned that immediantly after a line has been discontinued and/or sold out through PB, the prices spike for those items on Ebay. If you can, follow the prices and wait it out until you can get a better deal.

Educate yourself before bidding. If it is commonly listed item, look for it as a “completed listing” and see how much other bidders have paid for it.

You can also set up a favorite search from your My Ebay page that will send you an email alert when a specific item you are looking for is listed.

For larger items, like furniture, where the shipping would be prohibitive, there are two ways you can search that will help you find items locally.

The first is to change the order your search items are listed in the “sort by” drop down menu at the top of the search results. Select the “nearest first” option and the results will automatically be rearranged with your local results first. Be aware that the premium listings will still be first, even if there are basic listings closer to you. Make sure to scroll to the end of the premium listings and check out the basic listings too.

The second way to find local items is to limit your search with the “distance” tool on the left column. It is a drop down menu that allows you to enter a zip code and limit your search results to items from 25-500 miles. This method eliminates those premium listings that aren’t within the distance allowed, but those that apply are still listed first.

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