Look Alike? I Don’t Think So

In my ongoing pursuit of all things look alike, I  came across this quilt on Overstock.

Decor Look Alikes: Overstock Spring Fling

Spring Fling Flower Quilt Set

Retails for $74.99 - $84.99

It's cute enough, and a great price, it even has good reviews, but what caught my eye was the extra bedding in the background.


No self proclaimed Pottery Barn expert would miss the long popular Brooke line of quilted bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.  It's the line that launched a thousand owl-themed tween room makeovers and made those vinyl tree wall murals all the rage.  There wasn't a decor selling store in the country that didn't have their very own owl themed bedding line to take advantage of the colossal hit that was the PBK Brooke Bedding line.  When I saw it back there, my first thought was that now that it has been discontinued at PBK, someone must have come out with a very good look alike, feeling that the coast was clear so to speak.  But then I noticed something else.


Even the sheets and the dust ruffle looked just like the PBK versions.  LALs never go THAT far.  It's the completeness of the bedding line that tends to set PBK apart more that anything, so I knew that I was looking at the real deal.  This was no LAL.  The more I looked, the more PBK I saw.  The rug, curtains, bed and nightstand were all authentic PBK products.  It was then that I realized what had happened.  They photoshopped that Spring Fling Quilt on top of a real PBK catalog picture.  Sure enough, here is the original from the PBK online store.

Decor Look Alikes | Pottery Barn Kids Brooke Bedding

Bam.  Busted!!  So sad that cute tan and pink owl had to be sacrificed like that.   Don't the eyes of that green owl peeking out from behind the now obviously bad photoshop hack make him look like a terrified hostage? What do you think?  Would you be fooled?

osspringflower pbkbrooke  

Pottery Barn Kids / PB Teen Rugby Stripe Duvet

Pottery Barn offers two versions of its popular Rugby Stripe duvets. One through Pottery Barn Kids and a slightly different version from PB Teen.  The main differences are the price and the color hues.  Let's take a look:

Decor Look Alikes | Pottery Barn Kids Rugby Stripe Duvet

Pottery Barn Kids Rugby Stripe Duvet Cover

Queen Size Retails for $99, Sham Retails for $24.50

Decor Look Alikes | PB Teen Rugby Stripe Duvet

PB Teen Rugby Stripe Duvet 

Queen Size Retails for $89, Sham Retails for $28.50

Did you see what they did there?  The duvet is slightly cheaper, and the shams are slightly more expensive.  N

This 2 for 1  LAL is from Target

Decor Look Alike | Target Room Essentials Rugby Stripe Duvet Cover

Room Essentials Rugby Strip Duvet Cover

Queen Size Retails for $29.99, including 2 shams

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