Decor Look Alikes | Pottery Barn vs Wayfair : Dining Chairs



Row 1 : Pottery Barn Aaron Wood Seat Chair vs Wayfair Cornwall Crossback Side Chair

 Row 2 : Pottery Barn Isabella Chair vs Wayfair Paloma Side Chair

Row 3: Pottery Barn Stella Chair vs Wayfair Henry Side Chair*

Row 4: Pottery Barn Napoleon Chair vs Wayfair Pelican Point Side Chair

*So after I made this handy little graphic, I discovered that I made a mistake on the pricing of the Wayfair Henry Side Chair.  All of the other Wayfair chairs came in sets of two, so I halved the price of the set to get the single-chair price to compare with Pottery Barn.  The Henry Chair doesn’t come in a set of two like I assumed and that makes the price for a single chair twice as much as I put on the graphic, so $167, not $83.  It is still cheaper than the PB version, but not quite as great a deal.

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