Drumroll please……..  The #1 Most Pinned LALis….. Pottery Barn Kendra Trellis Drapes!  I was really surprised at how popular this pin was.  I would have guessed one of the larger items that saved you big bucks would be the top pin, but it was relatively low cost item instead.  I have a couple of theories about when it was the winner.  First, I think that it represents a trend in decor right now.  These types of graphic prints are everywhere, especially on fabric goods (bedding, pillows, window coverings etc.).  Second, I think that people feel the quality on the lower priced LALs is going to be closer to the original item, so they feel better about saving a few bucks on something smaller than they would on a big ticket item.  Last, I think the fact that this was originally a screaming good Cyber Monday deal had something to do with it too!

 The Cyber Monday deal from Kohl’s is over of course, but the regular price is still a savings over the PB retail price, so let’s take a look!

Pottery Barn Kendra Trellis Drapes

Retail for $89- $119

The LAL is still available at Kohl’s

Madison Park Ella Window Panel

Cyber Monday Price was $24.99, Regular Retail Price $49.99

That’s still not a bad savings, but I know that Madison Park products are carried but many online retailers so I did a search to find the best price available today for these curtains.

Overstock came through, just like they always do!


Madison Park Ella Curtain Panel

Retails for $32.99

We actually posted a LAL match for the shower curtain version of this PB fabric pattern

Pottery Barn Kendra Shower Curtain

Retails for $79

The LAL is still available from Target

Threshold Grid Shower Curtain Home

Retails for $19.99, currently on sale for $17.99

My older sister is a big fan of using fabric shower curtains for regular curtains.  They are usually cheaper and if you are handy with a sewing machine, or even some iron-on hem tape, they can be a great way to save money.  But we are lucky today, because Target also makes curtains in this fabric.

Threshold™ Farrah Fretwork Window Panel

Threshold Farrah Fretwork Window Panel

Retails for $19.99-$29.99

These types of patterns are very popular right now.   Look at the names of all these LALs to find some of the keywords you can use to search for similar items.  Words like “trellis”, “fretwork”, and “grid”.  You might also try “lattice”, “moorish”, or “tile”.  Pottery Barn also has bedding in the Kendra fabric and I would love for someone to find a good LAL for that.  Let us know down in the comments if you come across something.

So there you have our 10 Most Pinned Look Alikes.  This was fun!  I really enjoyed reviewing and updating past LALs.  Should I make that a regular feature?  Are you looking forward to getting back to some new look alike matches?  Were you as surprised as I was about the #1 LAL?

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