DIY Pottery Barn Engraved Glassware

Pottery Barn Engraved Barware Retails for $64 for a set of 4

Pottery Barn Engraved Stemless Flute Retails for $45 for a set of 6

Making these yourself with less expensive glassware is really, really easy!

Start with any glassware that you like.
  Here are some examples that are good LALs to the Pottery Barn offerings.
  Both are from Pier 1.

Next you need a good set of stencils and some glass etching cream. 
 Both are available in most craft stores and online.  These examples are from

Retail for $6.49, currently priced at $4.50

Retails for $19.88

This bottle is enough for many projects.  Just follow the directions for using the cream and you will have made your own LAL for much, much less!

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