Pottery Barn Look Alikes at Big Lots, Part 1

I'm not a frequent shopper at Big Lots but I do find myself in there every once in awhile, including a couple of days ago.  I was in search of fly swatters and came up empty handed.  But I did spot several Pottery Barn look alikes that I had to share.  Who knew you could go to Big Lots with Pottery Barn taste and actually be able to come out with something in your cart.  Now I'm a believer!

Big Lots doesn't have all of their items listed online, and those items that are online can still only be purchased in store.  It's just the nature of their market, so you may or may not find similar items in your local store.  I've linked things where I could to their online listings.  So let's get started in housewares.

Decor Look Alikes | Big Lots Mason Jar Mugs

First up are these Mason Jar Mugs which are so popular it is almost harder to name a housewares retailer that doesn't carry a version of these.  Don't be deceived by the packaging which declares this to be an 8 piece set.  Yep, they are counting the lids as a "piece" so this is really $8 for 4 mugs.  A great deal and looks so much like the super expensive Pottery Barn version


Mason Jar Mugs

Set of 6 Retails for $33

(and for the record, they do not come with lids)

Next up I spotted this familiar dinnerware pattern.

  Decor Look Alikes : Big Lots Dinnerware

A dead ringer for the Pottery Barn Emma Dinnerware Collection if  ever saw one, and I have seen many.  I guess there is something about the beaded edges that says "classic" and "marketable".  I  really like the red color of the Big Lots version. That's  not an option at Pottery Barn, but when you are only paying $39.99 for a 16 Piece Set, you can afford to get a set of dishes in a bold bright color that you might only use on holidays.

    Decor Look Alikes | Pottery Barn Emma Dinnerware  

Emma Dinnerware Collection

16 Piece Set Retails for $168

My next find were these plastic hob nob drink tumblers.  Pottery Barn used to have a whole line of hobnob (or hobnail) glass items. The style was made popular in the 1940's and I'm a sucker for the vintage look.

  Decor Look Alikes | Big Lots Hobnob Glassware

These tumblers are sold individually for $2.50 each.

 I was a little worried about comparing them to the Pottery Barn Glass items until I found these on Pinterest:

Decor Look Alikes | Pottery Barn Hobnail Outdoor Drinkware  

Pottery Barn Outdoor Hobnail Drinkware

Set of 6 Retailed for $39

These are no longer available, but just knowing that they used to be makes this LAL find all the sweeter. And in case you were wondering, what makes these suitable for the outdoors  is that they aren't glass. They are made of shatterproof plastic, just like our Big Lots LALs!

And if plastic drinkware isn't fancy enough for your idea of entertaining, check out this Big Lots find:

  Decor Look Alikes | Big Lots Glassware

Pretty much all the brands we cover have their own version of traditional and stemless wine glasses.  Big Lots' versions are just $8 for a set of four.

  Decor Look Alikes | Pottery Barn Wine Glassware

Schottt Zwiesel Stemware

Set of 6 Retails for $51-$72

Have you started planning your own trip to Big Lots?  If you spot a look alike, take a picture and send me a message so we can all be in the know.  Sharing is Caring!  Stay tuned for part two of my Big Lots trip... The Furniture Department....

Flash Sale LALs: Pottery Barn Galvanized Metal Tiered Stand

I really wish that I had spotted this flash deal earlier.  There are only a few hours left at this point but maybe they will have it again in the future.  I'll keep a lookout for it and update this post's links if it comes back.  If you are lucky enough to get one it's a great deal on a great look alike for the Pottery Barn Galvanized Metal Tiered Tray.

Decor Look Alikes | Pottery Barn Galvanized Metal Tiered Tray

Retails for $69

You might remember this tray, or one very similar to it from my brother's birthday party a couple of months ago.  My sister-in-law found one at the Pottery Barn outlet and she unscrewed the center rod and put it back together with the trays upside down to use as a cupcake stand.

Decor Look Alikes| Pottery Barn Galvanized Metal Stand

So check out this LAL from Pick Your Plum

Decor Look Alikes| Pick Your Plum Tabletop Party Tins

Tabletop Party Tins

Retail for $19.99

If you snag one let us know in the comments.

It looks like it is smaller and has more "character" than the PB version, but for $20, who the heck cares!

Ballard Designs Bee Glassware Collection

Decor Look Alikes | Ballard Designs Bee Glassware Collection  

Ballard Designs Bee Glassware Collection

Retails for $45- $55

There is a remarkably similar collection at Birch Lane

Decor Look Alikes | Birch Lane Apiary Glassware  

Apiary Glassware

Retails for $49-$59

At first glance our LAL might not seem like that great of a deal but let's take a closer look.


Decor Look Alikes | Ballard Designs Bee Glassware Goblets

Ballard Designs Bee Glassware Goblets

Set of 4 Retails for $55

And here's the LAL from Birch Lane

Decor Look Alikes | Birch Lane Apiary Goblets  

Birch Lane Apiary Goblets

Set of 6 Retails for $49

Yep, 6 goblets instead of 4. plus it is a little cheaper than the original.

Getting more for your money is another great way to save with look alikes.

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