Restoration Hardware Salvaged Wood X-Based Extension Table

rh wood 1

Retail Price Starts at $3095-$4395

This LAL is from Wayfair

Promenade Dining Table

Retails for $1012.50

This LAL is just slightly different in that it has two support pieces on each end of the tressel, where the RH version has just one.  The side profiles of the tables are a very close match.  This is becoming a popular style of dining table.  In fact the next post will show Pottery Barn's version and yet another look alike option, so check back in later today and let us know which of the 4 options is your favorite.

Most Pinned LALs #3: Restoration Hardware Churchill Leather Chair and Ottoman

I can't believe we are already at #3 for our Most Pinned LALs countdown!  And we finally have a non-Pottery Barn look alike to share.  Coming in at number three is the Restoration Hardware Churchill Leather Chair and Ottoman.  This was another fairly recent post so everything is still available and the prices haven't changed since the original pin.

rhchurchillchair 1

Set Retails for $2940-$3730, plus shipping

The LAL is from Wayfair

Elle Leather Chair and Ottoman

Set retails for $3008, including shipping

The real savings in the LAL is in the shipping costs, which I don't talk about too often when making my match-ups.  I thought I would give you the full break down on this one for the review.  The shipping costs for Restoration Hardware furniture are based on your distance from one of their stores and go from $149- $500.  Smaller items, like the ottoman can be shipped via a standard carrier like UPS and the rates are determined by the item price.  In this case the ottoman falls into the highest price category (over $500) and would cost $50.00 to ship.  So depending on where you are located, this set would cost an additional $200 -$550 to ship.  So the free shipping on the LAL can add up to some significant savings.

As an extra bonus, I found another LAL for you, and it's a good one!

This is from the Comfortable Couch Company


Winston Chair

Leather Options start at $1649 (just the chair)

and there are many leather options at that, more than Restoration Hardware offers.  Check it out in green!

Winstonchair Chairs

I wish I had a room that could pull this off!  It just makes me happy to look at.

Doesn't it need a Great Dane laying next to it?  He could be named Winston:)

There are only 2 LALs left in our countdown.  Do you think Pottery Barn match-ups will continue to reign supreme?

Have you bought any of the look alikes we've featured? Do you have a room (and majestic dog) for this green leather LAL?

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