Pottery Barn Peyton Rope Lantern


We're kicking off a few days of look alike match-ups from the new retailer, Birch Lane.  They really are a stand out source for LAL treasures and I've found so many that I thought a little series of posts just might be in order.  Plus, we have a little surprise planned for the end of the week so be sure to stay tuned and keep in mind your favorite LAL from Birch Lane!

Here's today's original, the Peyton Rope Lantern from Pottery Barn. Decor Look Alikes | Pottery Barn Peyton Rope Lantern

Retails for $69 - $129

 And today's LAL  from Birch Lane

  Decor Look Alikes | Birch Lane Nickel Lanern  

Birch Lane Nickel Lantern

Retails for $45

Flash Sale LALs: Lanterns and Outdoor Lighting

One King's Lane has quite the collection of outdoor lighting and decorative lanterns right now.  I spotted some great look alikes and thought you would enjoy a little rundown of what they are offering right now.  But remember, flash sales aren't for the decorator who likes to think over their purchases for a long time.  You have to get it while the getting is good.

First up is a pair of these beauties:

Decor Look Alikes: One King's Lane Pair Contemporary Black Lanterns

Pair 18 inch Contemporary Black Lanterns

Retails for $59

They are a dead ringer for Pottery Barn's Malta Lanterns, and for the myriad of LALs that are out there.  See one of my favorite posts here.

Do these look familiar?

Decor Look Alikes | One King's Lane Brooklyn String Lights

Brooklyn Outdoor String Lights Kits

Retails for $129

Yep, we shared two posts just a few weeks ago that covered this vintage string lights trend. Here and here.

They even had a LAL for this PB lantern:

Decor Look Alikes | Pottery Barn Port Royal Shuttered Galvi Lantern

Port Royal Shuttered Galvi Lantern

Retails for $99

This LAL is a great match, they are both the same size, 20 inches tall, and it comes with a pretty good savings over the original version

Decor Look Alikes | One King's Lane Metal and Glass Lantern

Metal and Glass Lantern

Retails for $55

And how about one more, for good measure?  Check out this boxy beauty:

Decor Look Alikes | One King's Lane Metal and Glass Candleholder

25" Metal and Glass Candleholder

Retails for $95

Which reminds me of this Restoration Hardware lantern:

Decor Look Alikes | Restoration Hardware Almafi Lantern

Extra-Large Amalfi Square Lantern

Retails for $139

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