The Restoration Hardware Pendants That Inspire IKEA

My husband and I hired a sitter and spent our President's Day eating meatballs and wandering the aisles of our local  IKEA.  We were on the hunt for desks and dressers but I couldn't help but get distracted while passing through the lighting department.  Here's what caught my eye:

Decor Look Alikes | IKEA HEKTAR Pendant Lamp

IKEA's HEKTAR Pendant Lamp

Which Retails for $69.99

It just had Restoration Hardware Style written all over it.  The over-sized scale; the dark, weathered, metal finish; how it looks like it came from an industrial-age European factory.  I nudged my husband in the arm and said "there's my next look alike for the blog."  So I came home and started looking for the RH pendant that inspired those IKEA designers and I found not one, but four!

Decor Look Alikes| Restoration Hardware European Factory Fin Pendant Decor Look Alikes | Restoration Hardware European Factory Long-Neck Pendant Decor Look Alikes| Restoration Hardware Benson Pendant Decor Look Alikes| Restoration Hardware Adjustable Clamp Pendant

They all retail for $299 - $699 depending on the finish. Some are on final sale for as little as $179, but even that clearance price can't compete with the IKEA price point of just $69.99!  So save your hundreds of dollars and head to IKEA with your sweetheart, you can even afford to hire a sitter so you can eat your meatballs in peace!

Decor Look Alikes| The Restoration Hardware Pendants that inspire IKEA

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