Flash Sale LALs: Pottery Barn Galvanized Metal Tiered Stand

I really wish that I had spotted this flash deal earlier.  There are only a few hours left at this point but maybe they will have it again in the future.  I'll keep a lookout for it and update this post's links if it comes back.  If you are lucky enough to get one it's a great deal on a great look alike for the Pottery Barn Galvanized Metal Tiered Tray.

Decor Look Alikes | Pottery Barn Galvanized Metal Tiered Tray

Retails for $69

You might remember this tray, or one very similar to it from my brother's birthday party a couple of months ago.  My sister-in-law found one at the Pottery Barn outlet and she unscrewed the center rod and put it back together with the trays upside down to use as a cupcake stand.

Decor Look Alikes| Pottery Barn Galvanized Metal Stand

So check out this LAL from Pick Your Plum

Decor Look Alikes| Pick Your Plum Tabletop Party Tins

Tabletop Party Tins

Retail for $19.99

If you snag one let us know in the comments.

It looks like it is smaller and has more "character" than the PB version, but for $20, who the heck cares!

Everybody’s Doing It: Ivory Criss Cross/ Diamond/ Moroccan Rug

Sometimes the look alikes get a little out of control.  This is one of those times.  I first noticed this design from Restoration Hardware. Since then it has popped up on all the usual LAL havens but what surprised me the most was that I'm now seeing versions on the other brand-name sites as well.  Let's take a look at this oft copied rug.

There are actually several Restoration Hardware rugs that look very similar to one another.

Here are two of the versions from RH:

Decor Look Alikes | Restoration Hardware Arlequin Rug

Arlequin Rug

$2295- $13495

Notice the irregularities in the pattern, almost like a bent chain link fence.  They have a less "distressed" version as well.

Decor Look Alikes | Restoration Hardware Dara Rug

Dara Rug

Retails for $1695 - $11995

Here's aversion from Pottery Barn. Now don't be thrown off by the zigzag pattern on the ends.

They are just trying to get you to think that it is an "original" design. Focus on the middle.  Foooocus.

Decor Look Alikes | Pottery Barn Beni Ourain

Beni Ourain Rug

Retails for $599-$1099

West Elm offers so many versions I lost count.  Here's one of the more irregular ones.

Decor Look Alikes | West Elm Bordered Oversized Diamond Souk

Found Moroccan Rug -Bordered Oversized Diamond Souk

Retails for $2499

I honestly don't know where they "found" this, unless they were looking in the Restoration Hardware outlet.

Well, that was quite a showing from the big-boy brand names.  Let's check in with the made-for-real-people stores:

Target puts on a great show with this version.

Decor Look Alikes | Target Threshold Criss Cross Fleece Rug

Threshold Fleece Criss Cross Rug

Retails for $129.99 - $249.99

Ahh, that's more like it!  Fluffy and diamond-y and cheap!

Who else want to play?  Look-y what Wayfair has to offer...

Decor Look Alikes | Wayfair Shag Brown Plush Rug

Shag Brown Plush Rug

Retails for $134.28 - $$464.67

And we can't forget to check in with the flash sale sites!

One King's Lane offers this version:

Sanne Shag Rug

Retails for $95 - $1099

Here's one last version from Joss and Main;

Diamante Rug

Diamante Rug

Retails for $81.95

Am I the only one who is willing to bet that those last to are, in fact, the exact same rug?

Well, there you have it. I told you it could get out of hand!

Which was your favorite?  What do you think of all this creative "sharing" when it comes to home decor and furnishings?

Flash Sale LALs: Pottery Barn Bedding at One King’s Lane

We're back again with another flash sale round up.  Remember how I gave you some pointers on how to spot a good deal on a flash sale site?  In fact, finding look alikes on flash sales is so common, we've devoted an entire page on the blog to just that.  Browsing through the bedding options on One King's Lane, I spotted a lot of Pottery Barn LALs.  So I picked a few of my favorites to share.  And remember, flash sale invtentory comes and goes, so these might not be available for long.

Let's get started with this classic Pottery Barn duvet. Decor Look Alikes | Pottery Barn Grand Embroidered Duvet Cover

Pottery Barn Grand Embroidered Duvet Cover and Shams

King Duvet and 2 shams retails for $257

And the One King's Lane version, with those same 3 embroidered lines framing a crisp white duvet.

Decor Look Alikes | One King's Lane Signature Stripe Duvet Set

One King's Lane Signature Stripe Duvet Set

King Duvet and Shams Retails for $199

I see linen bedding options everywhere these days.  And the trend has been holding long enough for the lower cost retailers to jump on the bandwagon.  Here's the Pottery Barn version.

Decor Look Alikes | Linen Duvet and Sham

Pottery Barn Linen Duvet and Shams

King Duvet Retails for $279, Shams Retail for $69 each

And One King's Lane's version.

Decor Look Alikes | One King's Lane Linen Duvet

One King's Lane Linen Duvet

King size Duvet Retails for $229, Shams Retail for $59 each

Let's move on to some more basic bedding.  How about some 400 tc sheets in soft colors?

 Pottery Barn upped their game by offering an organic version.

Decor Look Alikes | Pottery Barn Organic Sheets

Pottery Barn Organic 400 TC Sheet Set

Retails for $159-$249

And here's the One King's Lane version, sadly not organic for a true head to head comparison, but the thread count and colors are spot on!

Decor Look Alikes | One King's Lane 400tc sheets

Classic Sateen Sheet Set

Retails for $119-$179

Have you gotten a knock-off version of any of these bedding options?  How do you like it?  Where do you splurge and where do you save when it comes to your bedding?

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