DIY Pottery Barn Kids Art Cables

These Art Clips retail for $39 each, but you can easily make them yourself for much less

Here's how:
Using the Curtain Wire with clips from Ikea ($5.99) you can add a decorative end piece to match your decor, or even find a pretty close copy for the Pottery Barn options.

These star hooks are from Land of Nod and retail for $12.95 and are a similar look to the PBK Star Art Clips.  Wooden star cutouts are also readily available from craft stores.

This one is $.49 and from

PBK also sells knobs that match the Butterfly Art Clips
PBK Butterfly Knobs retail for $22 for a set of 2.

DIY PB Teen Be-Ribboned Mobile

Retails for $69, on sale for $39

The elements on this are really simple.  A wire frame, various ribbons, and chipboard tags painted with chalkboard paint.

First the wire frame.  A wreath frame works great and is available anywhere that sells floral supplies and in a variety of sizes.

This example is from Hobby Lobby
The 24 inch diameter frame is $3.99 online.  If you don't like the color it comes in, just spray paint it whatever color you choose.

Next we need the ribbon.  You can pick your own colors and patterns to make whatever decor you might already have.  The choices are literally endless.  Here are some quick examples of what I found online that mimic the original design.

The ribbons are just bent around the wire of the frame on one end and probably glued.  The other ends are cut on an angle.

Next comes the chipboard tags.  These are online at Hobby Lobby.
They are $2.99 a bag.  Just a quick spray with chalkboard paint (about $3 a can) and you're good to go.

The price on the ribbon varies but I'm willing to bet you can copy this mobile for less than $20.

DIY Pottery Barn Live Moss Letters

These creative outdoor decorations retail for $79 each! 
 With a few easy to find supplies you can make them yourself for much less.

First you need some hearty wooden letters.  I found these which are made especially for outdoor use.

They come in many fonts and are unpainted, making it easier to apply the moss.  
The 18 inch high letters (the PB ones range from 18-20") are $18.53 each.  The Georgia Bold and Century School Book fonts seem closest to the original.

Next you'll need some moss.  Bags of preserved moss are readily available in craft stores and floral supply shops.  Here's an example I found online for $4.49 a bag.
To attach the moss I suggest you try a good spray adhesive.  This is also available in most craft stores.  This one is online in an office supply store for $4.37 a can.
If you do multiple letters your cost per letter would be about $20.  That's an amazing savings, plus you get the bragging rights from have made them yourself!

I hope you give this project a try and tell us all about it in the comments!

DIY Pottery Barn Bucket and Branch Advent Calendar

It's super cute, but at a retail price of $299 it's out of the reach of most shoppers.  Even the current clearance price of $109.99 is a bit much for some buckets and branches.  

Why not make it yourself?  Let's break down the elements: buckets with an antique bronze finish, 4 nice straight branches, jute roping, and the numbering on the buckets.  See, not that hard once you think about it!

First the buckets.  A quick look online for small galvanized buckets shows tons of options.  The cheapest ones I found are from an outside vendor on  Most wedding favor supply sites have a version and they are cheaper in bulk, but for $.59 each, these look pretty good.

Now to get that antique bronze finish.  I've used Rust-o-leum American Accents Metallic Oil-rubbed Bronze spray paint many times to paint hardware and light fixtures, and the results are always amazing.  You can find it at most hardware stores for $6-7 a can.  I did find it online but at $11.49, it's worth a trip to Lowe's to save the difference.

Next we need some branches.  The PB ones are plastic artifical branches.  I think natural branches would look better anyway.  A short nature hike or even a trip to the back yard might be all you need to find 4 branch lengths that you like.  If you live in the desert or have to have that same sand blasted look as the pb ones, I found these: they are called Yucca Poles.
They are from Bloom and Branches,  an online floral supply store that has many other branches to choose from, but I thought these were nice and straight.  You have to buy them by the case which is 10 branches, enough for 2 of these projects.  A case of the 5-7 foot lengths is $47.98.

Now for jute roping.  You can find this at any craft store.  There are several options online but here is one on  It's $3.38 for 135ft.

Last, we have to number those cute little buckets.  You can buy stick-on vinyl numbers at craft stores or even hardware stores near where they sell mailboxes.  These are okay, and pretty cheap, but the font usually isn't that "elegant" shall we say.  You can also order custom vinyl numbers many places online.  Check out the many vinyl vendors on  You can choose the font (I'm pretty sure the original is made using the Lucinda Handwriting font), and get whatever color you want (white stickers can be hard to find), but it can be a little pricey to go the custom route.  I would look for a good stencil instead and paint the numbers on with ivory craft paint.  I even found this free print-your-own stencil online.  

Just adjust your printer settings to get the number size you want and then print it onto card stock.  Cutting it out might be tedious, but hey, it's free!  Another no cost option is painting the numbers free hand.

Put is all together (easy for me to say) and you get that Pottery Barn look for less than $50 (assuming you find your own branches and numbering).  That is an amazing savings!  If you try this craft please tell us about it in the comments section and we want pictures!
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