Anthropologie Italian Campaign Canopy Bed


So we are getting close to having 4000 Pinterest followers, which is crazy insane to me.  When we were on the verge of 3000 followers I decided to celebrate with a Top 10 Most Pinned LALs Countdown.  And by the time we ended the countdown, we had gone over the 3000 mark.

This time I thought I would give everyone an extra treat and start a whole new Pinterest board finding LALs for a new top decor brand.  I've gotten tons of requests for this one, so, because I love you dear readers, I'm happy to introduce Anthropologie Look Alikes!!   I know, I know.  It's very exciting!

And since no one likes a sad, empty looking Pinterest board.  We are going to be doing all Anthrologie look alikes this week to stock it up with awesome pins.  But I need your help too.  If you find a great Anthro LAL while perusing Pinterest or the web this week, tag me (@decorlookalikes) on the pin so I can share those finds with all of our readers.  If you are a blogger who has done a DIY Anthro knockoff project, send me an email with all the details and I might feature your work and blog on a future post.  Raising a blog takes a village people!  We're in this together.

If you haven't started following us on Pinterest, this is a great time to start.  I'm betting we can hit the 4000 mark in no time.  If you have signed up to follow specific boards before, but are not following ALL of our boards, you will not be getting the new Anthropologie board in your feed.  Head on over to Pinterest and fix that pronto!

So without further adeu, let's get started with our very first Anthropologie match-up.  And just to make it extra special, this one is a double feature!

Decor Look Alikes | Anthropologie Italian Campaign Canopy Bed

Anthropolpgie Italian Campaign Canopy Bed

Retails for $1698 - $1898 (Queen/King)

While this PB Teen version doesn't come in the King size, the Queen will still save you a pretty penny.

  Decor Look Alikes | PB Teen Maison Canopy Bed

Maison Canopy Bed

Retails for $699 - $899 (Twin/Full/Queen)

This version is from Overstock, and they have done the same size-shift deal that PB Teen pulled.  I guess it is one way of not being a 100% copy of the pricier brand So this one doesn't come in the queen size, but the comparison holds for full and twin sizes.

Decor Look Alikes | Bailey Charcoal CAnopy Bed Frame  

Bailey Charcoal Canopy Bed Frame

Retails for $499 - $699 (Twin/Full)

So there you have your very first Anthropologie look alikes.  Are you dying to share a LAL with the rest of us?  Leave a comment or shoot me an email through the contact form.  Happy bargain hunting!

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